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Once you have the windows 10 pro professional installation product key, you now need to follow these commands to complete the installation and activation of the windows 10 pro operating system. Make sure to download from the official Microsoft homepage of the Media Creation Tool of Windows 10 ISO from Microsoft Office. A significant activation helps the user verify that the copy of Windows is original and hasn’t been used before on one or more devices. To buy Windows product key or purchase a license for MS office 2016, follow the steps below.

  • Ensure that the Windows 10 insertion media is connected.
  • In order to buy Windows 10 Pro product key, Windows 10 insertion file should be loaded onto a flash drive or a disc, and the flash drive or disc should be placed on your desktop. If you haven’t downloaded the Windows 10 installation tool yet, follow the official Microsoft download support page’s directions.
  • Choose your edition, language, and architecture, and now click on Next when prompted. You can also modify the options on the page, for instance, change the language. Now resume and click install.
  • Enter the twenty-five-digit Windows 10 pro key that would be provided to you, and then click Next.
  • Select the “Accept” box and click on Next. This indicates that you are. Aware of the terms of use and are okay with it.
  •  Click Upgrade at the top of the “Which type of installation do you want the option. This helps the users to install Windows 10 while conserving their apps, files, and settings. You can also select Custom to install Windows on your desktop. Doing this will remind you to select a pane to format before you continue.
  • You now need to wait for Windows 10 to activate. The procedure might take half an hour to several more hours, depending on your desktop operating system and speed. If you are told to press a key to boot from a CD, do not do that.
  • Follow the screen setup directions. Once Windows 10 Pro has been activated on your system, you’ll be able to modify its settings. For instance, your language, region, and location settings. Once the process is done, you will be taken to the system’s desktop. You can choose to click the Express Settings to set up Windows 10 pro with the desired settings.

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The office 2016 Product Key is the best software produced by Microsoft. When you purchase Microsoft Office Pro Product Key, you can get a 67% Off from the actual market price. This Operating System is famous among business houses and entities for its friendliness and its technology, which helps individuals develop better analysis, presentation, mailing, and others. Moreover, when you install the product key, you can use this Operating system at your comfort and ease and carry out all your essential works correctly.

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What are the hardware and software requirements to install the Windows Product Key?

  • You are going to require a 1 GHz processor. If you get something that is much faster than it, then that would be way too much better.
  • The screen resolution should be a minimum of 1368 * 768.
  • We recommend having a hard disk space of 20 GB if it is more, than it’s even better.
  • Last but not least, you will require a Microsoft account before you purchase the Microsoft Windows 10 Pro Product Key.

Windows 10 works effortlessly across all the devices and platforms. Start to pen down a document on your desktop at the office and continue on your cell phone with a hot cuppa. Now you need to finish up on your desktop at your residence. With Windows 10, you can get up from right where you left off.

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